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Forensic Investigations

In all forensic investigation assignments, the key is to remain objective, test hypotheses, and carefully consider all information provided to us. This can’t be done without application and focus. We write clear, unambiguous reports based on a firm foundation of appropriate principles, matching the facts.

You may not have issues regarding misappropriation of funds, robbery, embezzlement or theft, but you may have “business leaks” which result in less money in your bank.

Have you asked yourself

“Where is my money going?”

We offer simple, clear, unbiased advice, without fear or favour.

What can forensic accounting do for me?

Forensic accounting is not only about tracking dishonesty in your business; there are many other reasons why it could benefit you.

A forensic audit will:

  • Evaluate your finances
  • Highlight inefficiencies
  • Identify bookkeeping and accounting errors
  • Point out business processes that could be adjusted
  • Reveal unauthorised or inappropriate transactions
  • Check expense authorisation procedures
  • Establish cost reduction strategies
  • Review employee performance
  • Establish improvements and training requirements
  • Product and services pricing advice
  • Discover ways to run your business more profitably
  • Calculate the cost of business interruption
  • Allocate assets in divorces
  • Evaluate your business goals

Let us assist you

Informed business owners make empowered decisions that impact
the welfare of their family, staff and company.


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